About Us

Chemco Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing environmentally safe solutions to industry, government, and state facilities since 1975. In 2014 we have launched our Captain Chemco line of cleaners developed for the “do it yourself” segment along with satisfying the needs and desires of contractors. Among Chemco's products are air fresheners and deodorants, roof cleaners, concrete cleaners, deck cleaners, fence cleaners, siding cleaners, bio-shield trash can cleaner, carpet and floor care products, disinfectants, hand cleaners and personal care products, along with swimming pool and spa care products.

Our Strength

A major Chemco strength is its desire to work with a retailer to solve a particular challenge. Through its no cost production development and formulation program, Chemco can often provide a retailer with a solution to their cleaning or maintenance segment challenge at a lower cost than historically available products. The company has the ability to package the chemicals in the most economical manner suitable for specific retailers needs.

Chemco has professional chemists and a technical staff available to assist you in the development of environmentally safe solutions for all cleaning and maintenance needs.

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