Bathroom Products

  • Bath-Brite: A nonacid bathroom cleaner and scum remover for all fixtures, walls, and floor without damaging porcelain, stainless steel, ceramic tile and vinyl or tiled floors. Bath-Brite can be sprayed, mopped or brushed on.
  • Hurricane Cling: Descales cleans and deodorizes every bathroom surface, showers, tubs, fixtures, stainless steel, sinks, mirrors and floors. Clings to vertical surfaces, non- poisonous and safe on hands.
  • Mildew Away: Kills mildew on contact. Just spray it on and let dry. The obnoxious mildew disappears! Essential in bathrooms and anywhere moisture fosters mildew growth.
  • Shower-Brite: High performance shower stall, bathtub, toilet, urinal, sinks and hard surface acid cleaner and scum remover. It removes scum, lime, scale, rust, corrosion and hard water deposits. 
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