Bedroom Products

  • Dead Bugs: Long Lasting Multi-Purpose Insect Spray - Controls pests up to 4 weeks!
  • Fresh-n-up: Quickly neutralize all odors on contact, even stubborn ones such as tobacco smoke, musty odors or mildew and unwanted pet odors. Leaves the immediate area smelling fresh and clean without vacuuming.
  • Carpet Fresh: This powdered carpet and room deodorizer is easy to use, yet it’s very effective on eliminating unpleasant odors like cigarette and cigar smoke. Sprinkle in lightly over carpet, wait a few minutes, and then vacuum. Carpet and room will smell fresh again.
  • Red-Ox: Dye and stain remover that effectively and safely removes stubborn color stains such as Kool- aid soda, orange juice, iodine, etc. from rugs and carpets. 
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