Garage Products

  • Combat Concrete Cleaner: Our most versatile cleaning agent, attacking the mold, mildew, dirt, grease, tree sap, grass stains that plague the concrete surfaces around your house.
  • Sweeping Compound: Helps attract and remove dust from all floor surfaces. Oil and sand type for ordinary wood and cement.
  • Shiny Touch: Stainless steel cleaner and polish specially formulated for cleaning and protecting stainless steel. This versatile cleaner also works on chrome, porcelain, formica, plastic, tile, varnished and enameled surfaces.
  • Kleenzol: All-purpose neutral cleaner concentrate, no scrubbing no rinsing, because Kleenzol contains no soap, ammonia or acid. It’s a time saving, labor saving, money saving cleaner for any surface not harmed by water.
  • Chemsorb: Powder super absorbent with stabilized chlorine to kill germs and deodorize instantly. The fastest and safest material for the absorption of potentially harmful spills of hazardous liquids. Only 8 oz. of Chemsorb will absorb over 5 gallons of liquid.
  • Factory New:
  • Hand Smoothie: This waterless hand cleaner liquefies grime and penetrates pores to remove hard to get dirt, while it leaves lanolin based skin protected. Removes grease, ink, tar, oil, paint, and many other stains without harsh solvents.
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